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For several months now I've been telling whoever wanted to hear it: I'm going to write a blog!

I want to be feel more connected to my new friends, because that's what I call you, my followers. Many lovely women have come my way and ‘follower’ is no longer the right word. It just doesn't cover it anymore, there is SO much love! I am sure that together, us women can achieve so much when we motivate and support each other. Spread love and light wherever we go.

Writing a blog contributes to that; you can get to know me better. So here we go, a blog for my new girlfriends. And to say that I am a bit nervous would be an understatement. Writing is so far out of my comfort zone, but hey, what a great subject for a first blog…

Do you know which thoughts have crossed my mind?

  • I'm not a great writer…

  • What do I actually have to say?

  • Who is willing to listen?

(I was a little insecure girl)

Needless to explain these convictions have hampered me. They tap into this persistent insecurity I have felt ever since I was a little girl. I was bullied a lot then and wasafraid to speak out loud in class. I have been on a long journey in recent years, a journey within myself and for myself. I have faced my insecurity and dissected it bit by bit. As a result, I have grown into who I am today. But unconsciously, I still transferred my limiting beliefs onto my 9-year-old son. As soon I realised this, I knew it had to stop, I want to set a good example,lead by example and share my uncovered motivations with him.

My little son

My 9-year-old son struggles with his emotions and finds it difficult to concentrate in a busy classroom. His head is always full and he is unsure of what he can and whats to do. My motherheart suffers when I see him struggling like this. So I want to do something. And I am going to do something. In fact, I have already done it! For my son and, of course, for all the other little children in the world.

Bracelets with positive motivational quotes for kids

I have been making bracelets with positive quotes and sweet texts, to motivate both myself and you, daily. To inspire and encourage you every day. To remind you that, even if it at times you feel uncertain and uncomfortable, you can still believe in yourself. And as of now, these bracelets are also available for kids! I cannot tell you proud that makes me feel! Bracelets with positive motivational sayings for kids. For boys and girls. Bracelets with sweet texts that help them on a daily basis. Because I want to encourage and support all kids and tell them that they can be proud of themselves, no matter what! After all, the best person you can grow up to be, is yourself.

I cannot wait to start spreading more positivity, want to join me?

With love, Vanes

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