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Free a Girl is a foundation striving for a world without the sexual exploitation of children, by offering direct help to victims and tackling impunity.

As a child, I was always insecure, felt not seen and not heard. I was one of those slightly invisible girls, just doing her own thing. I had a poor self-image as a result of both a troubled home life and being bullied at school. I always felt alone, ashamed and profoundly lonely. And yet, that same little girl was the start for my search for happiness. Let me tell you…

At home, we knew little wealth. I looked different from the rest of the kids at school. Always with a lingering scent of my parents’ cigarettes, my hair was always cut weirdly and I didn't have nice clothes. At school, things often went badly. I was bullied and teachers didn't pay attention to me, I didn't stand out. And so my parents, trying to help me, took me out of several school to provide me with a new start at a different school.

My own way

Luckily, I connect to others easily and I always choose my own way. I saw habits and behaviour in classmates or friends that I didn't recognise from my own upbringing, but I did realise these traits would suit me. In hindsight, I am not sure whether I was just copying them of manifesting these changes subconsciously; lets stick with a combination of both.

In adolescence, the right people came my way. Or, as I now feel more and more, I allowed the right people into my life. I made choices that suited me better. I grew, slowly felt stronger and gradually dared more to really be myself. I became a young woman with my own style. Thinking back now to the little “boy” with crookedly cut hair and stupid clothes, I never thought I would be writing my second blog today.

Every girl deserves a path of her own

Unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to choose their own path. Worldwide, 2 million children, especially girls, are trapped in situations of sexual exploitation. They are abducted from buses, locked up and exploited in brothels, massage parlours or garage stalls. These girls have no chance to create their own future as I did. These girls need help, from other women, like you and me, to be freed from their horrible situation.

Free a Girl Foundation

  • Free a Girl strives for a world without commercial sexual exploitation of children and young women

  • They work hard to free children and prosecute perpetrators, including in the Netherlands

  • Since its foundation, Free a Girl has been able to free more than 6,200 children in 6 countries

Such important and inspiring work and La Luz so proudly supports Free a Girl.

My company "The Light" in Spanish, was founded with, amongst other goals, the aim of helping women. I therefore want to reach as many women as possible with our message and our products. I want to give women more self-confidence with our bracelets with positive motivational sayings and sweet reminders. In addition, I feel a strong urge to do something for the world and therefore support Free a Girl. For every bracelet sold, we donate €1,- to this special foundation.

It is my hope that one day we can put an end to human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and young women. I wish them all peace, love and to live their life in freedom, just like we can. Because every woman and girl in the whole world deserves to live her most beautiful life.

Will you help me? Buy our bracelets and support Free a Girl.

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